Take a Pause from thoughts

Pause brings mindful practices into micro-moments of your daily routine.

Our patented interactive feedback loop provides real-time guidance to your mindful practise
Pause uses therapeutic visual and sound to help quickly relax your body and restore your attention.
Your mindful movements reveal insights about your state of mind and show how you can improve your practice.

A Short Pause Can Make a Lasting Impact

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I used to use other meditation apps, but the renewal changed the feel and was looking for a substitute. This is a very calm time in just 3 minutes, so it is recommended for those who are new to meditation. I don't usually write reviews, but thank you for all the great apps.
This app is literally a life saver- when I used to have bad panic attacks, this app was one of the few things that reliably calmed me down. I am so grateful!! I highly recommend to anyone who has anxiety and needs an easy way to calm themselves down
I don’t quite understand what this finger is used to slide on it. I didn’t feel that I could release the pressure, but I just used it on the subway and I felt epiphany. I just got into a very wonderful feeling. After 3 minutes, my energy recovered a lot.
Coming from a person with bad anxiety, this app has literally improved my quality of life and it’s only been a day. Few things have ever calmed me quite as effortlessly. Strongly recommend a good pair of headphones for the best effect