Human Resource

We can help improve your employees well-being.

Pause is perhaps the most simple & engaging tool, you can give to your employees, to effectively manage energy and stress anywhere, anytime.

Our solution tailors to your specific needs.

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What pause users say

  • Instead going for my afternoon coffee, I use Pause for 12 minutes, it gives me some kind of super power, and I feel I can take on bigger things afterwards.
  • Still I have to do the work, but I am much more calm about it, in a different state of mind to do it. I actually wanna go back and do it
  • I feel pretty relaxed, and I had time to think a few more ideas….
  • I feel my brain washed clear… I had lots of things going on my mind, now they seem to be gone, but I know what to do. So, yes, I am focused.
  • Pause is incredibly helpful, because it helps me to relax and leave work behind. After that, I could really go and be a private person.

Product Integration

Our patent pending interactive approach and world class digital experience design, enable your products to bring calm & focus to your customers. We work with leading scientists to help you scientifically validate your products calming capabilities.


Peng Chang - Founder & CEO

Peng Cheng

Founder & CEO

Amazing Digital Product Studio

ustwo Nordics

Amazing Digital Product Studio

Head of Studio ustwo Nordics

Marcus Woxneryd

Head of Studio ustwo Nordics

Birgitte Røssel - Advisor HR

Birgitte Røssel

Advisor - Human Resource

John Paulin Hansen - Advisor Psychology, Research & Innovation

John Paulin Hansen

Advisor - Psychology & Research

Søren Holmark - Advisor Legal

Søren Holmark

Advisor - Legal